Akm Shoaib


Tamzid Hasan Papul

Secretary General

Debate Competition
Competitive debating allows curious students to consider the world around them by thinking about different arguments, engaging with opposing views and speaking strategically. NDF BD is organizing differents types of debate competitions throughout the year on a regular basis.
Career & Debate School
Our Career and Debate schools of different venue teaches the young members how to research, articulate arguments, and clarify ideas. As well as helps in self development to be more prepared to speak clearly during interviews, demonstrate a professional presence, and clearly explain ideas and abilities.
Debate Workshop
Debate workshop is a training for high school and collegiate and university debaters and debate adjudicators living both in urban and rural area. Usually these workshops are held throughout year and last between one to two days.
Debate Festival
Debate Festivals are made up of a series of Debate Workshops, Show debates, artistic responses, debate competition and other public events aiming to create a practice of logic among the young generation.
Leadership Camp
Leadership camp is the annual adventure tour for the future leaders of NDF BD around the country. A large group o people travel along to a new place where they get to learn leadership qualities.
Social awareness
Being socially aware means that you understand how you react to different social situations. through its seminars and discussion sessions, NDF BD contributes in social awareness issues on a regular basis to build a logical Bangladesh.




National Festival


Medical Festival




Divisional Festival