“EXPRESSION IS TALENT”(প্রকাশইপ্রতিভা)



Does your child feel shy to talk? His shyness is extreme? He is not able to express his feelings and knowledge to others? His way of expression is incoherent? Unable to speak out the right words at right time? Worried about how people will react?

Do you want to raise your child as a smart, confident, befitting, social and career oriented person by eliminating the above mentioned habits?

Then do contact immediately—

“Expression is Talent” Training Workshop by Career and Debate Schooling Program of NDF BD. We want social people; not selfish, self-centered, isolated persons. We will try ceaselessly to train you practically so that you could enlighten yourself by your own power by developing your skills to speak out with proper exert of smartness, confidence and intelligence.


Topics of the Training Workshop:

  • Pronunciation, Speech, Manner of talking to others, Representation, Use of microphone, Voice throwing
  • Way of studying, Gaining general knowledge, Getting involved in the current world
  • Life Style
  • How to make good friends
  • How to attain good results in exams
  • Career planning
  • Public speaking
  • Debate of various models
  • Qualities of a good debater



Conducting the Training Workshop:

Theory classes are going to be held on each Friday from 9.30 am to 10.30 am and practical classes are from 10.40 am to 12.00 pm and Thursday 4.00 pm to 6 pm.Discussions on the above mentioned topics would be on the theory classes and practical trainings would be given on the practical classes along with the evaluation of the participants. After the 3 months long training workshop, a complete evaluation test would be carried out and prizes and certificates would be awarded tothe participants through a closing ceremony. After thatthey would get the chance to participate in each national programs of NDF BD.


Participants are getting—

Dictionary on Debate, Certificates, Class Lecture Sheets, Pen, Folder, Floor to participate in Public Speaking and Various Debate Competitions along with National Debate Festivalsthroughout the country as well as various social awareness programs.


Course Fee:

Two Thousand BDT (2000/-) for each participant

Course fee should be paid before the course begins eitherto the authority or to the Bank Account of NDF BD directly.

Bank Name                            : AB Bank Limited.

Gulshan Branch, Dhaka.

Account Holder Name         : National Debate Federation Bangladesh (NDF BD)

Account Number                  : 401-975-3712300



Former National and International Debate Champions, Senior Corporates from various multinational organizations, famous media personalities.



A K M Shoaib,

Director, Career and Debate Schooling Program

 Cell: 01711541566

E-mail: [email protected]

Mohammad Ali

 Director,Career and Debate Schooling Program

Cell: 01727369511

  E-mail: [email protected]


Khadiza Akter Trisha


Cell: 01703208270

E-mail: [email protected]

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