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Information for Participants

1. Students from any Medical College of Bangladesh can participate in this festival, on the following notes:
• Each Medical College can send 2 Debate Teams of 3 participants
(Only host Medical College will enjoy 3 Debate Team)
• Each Medical College can send maximum 2 Teams of 2 members for Quiz competition
• Each Medical College can send maximum 5 participants for Bangla and English public speaking together

2. To join the festival, participants will have to fill up the Festival Registration Form (Photocopy allowed) properly with the due permission from the institution authority
3. Flag: Every institute must send their own flag within 5 March to Kushtia Medical college(Att:KuMC Principal) to hosting in Festival venue during national Medical college debate competition running.

4. Every Debate Team has to confirm their registration by paying the registration fee BDT 500/-

5. Every Quiz Team has to confirm their registration by paying the registration fee BDT 300/-

6. Poster Design Competition, registration fee BDT 300/-

7. Every participant for public speaking has to confirm their registration by paying the registration fee BDT 100/-

8. Limited number of Team will be allowed for the competition. Participants having Festival Pre-Registration ID will get priority for the main registration.

9. For registration please visit, ndf-bd.com/current-event-reg

10. Debate format (TAB Format)
• Traditional Format in Group round
• Parliamentary format in Semi Final and Final Round.

11. Subject Areas:
• Healthcare and Health sector
• Education sector
• National and International Issue
• Economics and Social Issue

12. Quiz
• Selection Round: Total Marks 100 (Medical Related 50, Bangladesh 30 and International 20)
• Final Round: Stage Round (5 Teams will be selected)

13. Every Team has to confirm their registration within March 5th , 2019
14. 1st round debate topic: “বেসরকারিকরণ নয়, সার্বজনীন স্বাস্থ্যসেবা এখন সময়ের দাবি”
15. Topic for English public speaking: Peace is possible, if…….
16. Topic for Bengali public speaking: না জানি কেন রে এতদিন পরে……

17. Each Team will receive the following items:
• Free breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (March 07 night – March 09 , Night)
• T shirt, Folder, Pad, Pen, Certificate etc.

18. Festival Authority will provide free accommodation for a limited number of participants.

19. Everyone will have to collect the ID given by Festival Authority to get access to the festival premises

20. Everyone will have to carry the gift & food coupon; otherwise he or she will not get food and gift items

21. Those who are interested to participate in ‘Cultural Show’ are requested to confirm their participation within March 3, 2019

22. Judges are the ultimate decision maker of any kind regarding the competition

23. If anyone is found to destruct the purity or the image of the festival, then the festival authority will be bound to take necessary actions against the accused personnel or organization

24. Festival authority will not be responsible for the incidents that are outside of the venue

25. For any query or information about the festival please contact according to the regional contact list attached with this letter

26. Festival authority is the ultimate decision maker of any kind of decision regarding the festival

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